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Why Choose Plastilock Electrical Boxes?

Whether you are a contractor or a do it yourself  builder, integrating Plastilock Electrical Boxes into your ICF project saves everyone time and money across the board.

What are the Benefits?

How does this benefit the ICF homeowner?

Think about it! Conduit based electrical systems are the standard in commercial construction. Why? for one, they allow for easy upgrades to data, audio, video or electrical wiring circuits/ ICF construction, in combination with Plastilock boxes and poured-in-place conduit systems, can provide the homewoner with this same flexibility! CAT-5 wiring for high speed data connections or RG6 cable for home theaters may be the best technology available today, but what about tomorrow? Why not build in a quick way to upgrade those systems now by providing a poured in place chase? But that's not the best part!

Using Plastilock electrical boxes and a conduit based wiring system can actually SAVE the homeowner money in constructions costs! How? Because any additional labor billed by the ICF contractor to set the boxes can be more than offset by the savings in the electrician's time for having to cut-out all that foam! Electricians are familiar with pulling wire through conduit. But few are experienced with "cutting-in" the wiring once the ICF walls have been poured. And fewer, still, will want to bid the job without billing extra just for the hassle!

How does this benefit the ICF contractor?

Simply put, the ICF contractor puts more dollars in his own pocket! The Plastilock boxes and electrical conduit are placed in the foam forms BEFORE the pour, by the ICF contractor. Standar up-charges being billed byu contractors now using the Plastilock boxes are $20 - $25 per box set (including the sweeps and conduit.)


On a typical 25400 sq ft home, that means 100 -150 outlet, switch, cable, audio and data line boxes just in the ICF walls! Do the math! It is a fast and easy add-on for the ICF contractor and a huge benefit for the homeowner. Any ICF contractor who says,


"It might take too much time,"


"Let the electricians deal with it,"

is leaving money on the table!


As you think about the opportunities to enhance your per job income, you will see that using Plastilock boxes on every job is an easy and profitable way to succeed!

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