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  • Chase for Future Upgrades

  • Fits all ICF Systems

  • Single, Double & Triple Gang Sizes

Why Choose Plastilock

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ICF buildings tend to last a long time due to the system’s durability and strength. However, the needs of the people in the structure will change over time.

The Plastilock ICF system electrical box is designed for builders to install inside the walls before they pour the concrete. Instead of using a knife or chainsaw to cut the material afterward, just take care of it ahead of time. Plastilock is easier, faster, and cleaner to install, and it allows for effortless electrical wiring upgrades later, which your clients will love.

Not only does Plastilock make your job and the electrician’s job easier, but our electrical boxes for ICF structures also make buildings safer. Inspectors are huge fans of Plastilock since the system is designed specifically for ICF, making the boxes safe and secure. Use Plastilock, and you can count on everybody involved in your project being happy.

If you’re building an ICF house, think ahead and don’t let the electrical wiring be an afterthought. Instead of using clunky cut-in boxes, use Plastilock. Our electrical boxes for ICF structures are easy to install and save time and money for you and your client in the long run.

  • Neat & Clean

  • UL Tested for ICF’s

  • Fast & Easy to install

  • Fits ½” or ¾” Conduit

  • Secure Mounting in Walls

  • No Slow Cutting for Wiring

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